Athabasca United Church


For over one hundred years, Athabasca United Church has remained connected to the community by providing weekly worship services, fellowship, fundraising, events, and a place to call home for numerous user groups and organizations.



Our congregation has traditionally been connected by celebrating Sunday worship.  Services are opportunities for celebrating the various themes of life:  birth, death, love and all things that make us human. Through the stories of the Bible, we learn how God has always, and will accompany us on our journeys. Music is very important in all services, and especially as the building has excellent acoustics and is used for special community music concerts each year.


Pastoral Care and Healing Touch

We reach out and respond to the needs of each other, our community at large and the world. Our ministry includes not only the “church work” we do together as church members, but “the work of the church” we do as individuals in our community and country. One of the greatest rewards of belonging to a faith community is the caring. Not just the comfort of knowing that someone will be there for support in hard times, like sickness, death and other emergencies. It is the gratification that comes from helping people in need, or just a giving a hug to someone. Perhaps without even realizing, we all work with the ministry staff as part of the Pastoral Care team. For pastoral care needs, please phone Monica Rosborough at 780-675-7787. If Monica is unavailable or cannot be reached, or in an emergency please call Rosemary Neaves at 780-675-9791. 


New Horizons for Seniors

We're pleased to announce a developing New Horizons for Seniors ministry. Several programs for seniors are being started so that their lives can be happier and healthier. Group activities like crafts, bell ringing, a drumming circle, yarn ministry and a grief support group have started. An exciting new Athabasca Area Seniors' Memory Project is beginning in May 2015.