Athabasca United Church


Athabasca United Church will be pleased to help with services for weddings, baptisms, funerals and other special occasions.



Celebrate your marriage ceremony with a meaningful service of worship at Athabasca United Church, as you make your vows of faithfulness and love.  We understand marriage to be a covenant between two people who come together, ready to commit to a partnership that is faithful, loving, and life-giving, with the intention of life-long permanence, regardless of gender.  A marriage ceremony is the expression of this desire and hope, with vows of love and commitment offered in the presence of God, family and friends.



In baptisms, God is thanked for his gift of life and parents for their child(ren). Similarly, mature individuals choose baptism to start on the journey of faith and ask for the church family's support.

Athabasca United Church will be pleased to be with you in this celebration and in the preparation that precedes it. You and your family are always welcome and will always be received by God.


Funerals or Memorials

During a time of loss, Athabasca United Church is available to help in supporting family and friends in grieving, and by assisting with arrangements that involve church services or use of church facilities.  We can help in planning a funeral or memorial service, eulogies or words of remembrance, scripture readings, music, prayers, graveside services and other special needs. Pastoral care is also available to listen, pray, be present and bear witness to the love of God in our living and in our dying.


Please contact the church office at 780-675-2341 for more information regarding weddings, baptisms and funerals. For emergency pastoral care needs, phone Monica Rosborough at 780-675-7787. If Monica is unavailable, phone Rosemary Neaves at 780-675-9197.